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Brand name: Stylage
Application areas: Acne and post-acne, skin moisturizing, age spots removal, fine wrinkles
Filler base: Stabilized hyaluronic acid
Lidocaine: No
Hyaluronic acid concentration: 12,5 mg/ml
Volume: 1 ml
Duration of action: up to 4 months
Derma layers: superficial, deep
Country of origin: France
Stitching: IPN-Like
Needles: 30G 1/2, 30G 1/8

With age, the skin usually loses its firmness and elasticity. People are trying to get back youthful looks and glow, that is why aesthetic medicine develops very fast these years. Among beauticians favorites – cross-linked hyaluronic acid-based products. Hyaluronic acid is a source of youth in our body, its molecules are responsible for the normal skin cells activity, tissue hydration, and dermis tone. And for maximum hydration, specialists choose Stylage Hydromax 1ml.

Stylage Hydromax contains high-quality non-animal hyaluronic acid. It is fully compatible with the patient’s subcutaneous matrix, does not cause allergies and side effects. After the hyaluronic acid decay, its particles are excreted from the body without a trace. In case of any difficulties after the biorevitalization procedure, the drug’s effect is instantly neutralized by hyaluronidase.

Basic Properties

As part of the procedure, a plastic gel based on hyaluronic acid is injected to the patient. In addition to the easily stabilized acid with a concentration of 12.5 mg / g, Stylage Hydromax gel also includes a bioresorbable and non-toxic antioxidant sorbitol. This powerful moisturizer has three functions:

● Guarantees deep hydration in the dermis;
● Has antioxidant properties – fights free radicals that destroy skin cells and lead to the wrinkles formation;
● Prolongs the drug’s effect since 100% of the gel effectiveness goes to skin rejuvenation (in other brands without sorbitol, 70% of the effectiveness goes to moisturizing, and 30% to overcoming “oxidative stress”).

Stylage Hydromax gel effectively deals with severe skin dehydration and loss in its elasticity. You can buy it, as well as other Stylage products, at

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Application Area

By strengthening the filler formula with sorbitol, the gel helps to achieve an immediate visible effect. Also, this antioxidant slows down the decay of hyaluronic acid molecules, so the result lasts longer. In hyaluronic acid synthesis, two technologies are used. 3D Matrix technology provides a stable, long-lasting effect due to the formation of the cross-links within the active substance’s molecule. IPN-Like technology gives additional elasticity to the gel, that is why the result looks as delicate and natural as possible.

The lightly stabilized filler Stylage Hydromax with a biorevitalizing effect successfully fights the first signs of aging, moisturizes and tightens the skin, returns the skin its natural healthy color, and removes its imperfections. Effectively rejuvenates the skin on the neck, décolleté, and hands.

You can achieve the following results:

● Correct nasolabial folds,
● Neutralize crow’s feet around the eyes
● Smooth out wrinkles on the forehead and chin area,
● Moisturize the skin, restore its smoothness and elasticity,
● Start regenerative processes in the skin,
● Shrink pores and help with acne,
● Slow down aging and block the appearance of new wrinkles.

Procedure Protocol

After assessing the areas of application and the amount of the drug needed, the specialist cleans and disinfects the skin, performs local anesthesia if necessary, and chooses a drug injection technique. Stylage Hydromax can be injected in one of the following ways:

● A retrograde technique using cannulas or needles;
● The series of injections into the deep layers of the dermis;
● Micro-punctures in the deep layers of the skin, as the remedy contains stabilized acid.

The standard therapy includes 2 main treatment courses with a month break, as well as 1 maintenance course after 2 months. The specialist himself chooses the intensity and frequency of biorevitalization sessions, depending on the goals and peculiarities of the client’s skin. After Stylage Hydromax, the skin becomes taut and elastic, the dermis appearance improves, skin color becomes more pleasant, and the moisturized skin starts to glow. Over time, the main active component – hyaluronic acid – decomposes under the influence of the hyaluronidase enzyme, and the drug particles are excreted from the body in the form of water and carbon dioxide.

After the drug administration, minor side effects may appear, such as hematomas, swelling, high sensitivity, itching, and slight burning. After 1-2 days, these symptoms should go away, and after 7-10 days, the biorevitalization result will become more noticeable.


In order to avoid complications, before the treatment, the specialist should familiarize the patient with a list of contraindications and inform them that, after the procedure, for 2 weeks, it is forbidden to visit sauna, solarium, pool. Also, it is recommended to avoid intensive workouts, direct sunlight, and harsh temperature changes.

The remedy is contraindicated for patients who have:

● Bleeding and scarring tendency;
● Intolerance to any of the drug components;
● Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
● Inflammatory processes on the skin;
● Active herpes;
● Systemic diseases;
● Oncology;
● Autoimmune diseases;
● Viral respiratory infections;
● Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
● Age under 18.

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    Amazing, I love it!

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    Stylage works well, I have no complaints

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    Not the best option for a hydration boost, Juvederm works better

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    I have never used Stylage before due to its suspiciously low price. However, it turned out to be pretty effective and durable (namely, its price vs quality ratio is very high). So, I’ll definitely order it again.

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    One of the best mesotherapy products I have tried so far! A vast majority of my patients enjoy it so much! Great subtle and natural-looking results!

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