Juvederm Ultra 2

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Manufacturer: Allergan
Capacity: 0,55ml
Form: 2 prefilled syringe


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Dermal filler Juvederm Ultra 2 is a highly effective injectable biogel for the elimination of moderate wrinkles on the forehead, in the area of ​​the mouth, and the corners of the eyes from the side of the temples. Click here to buy Juvederm online in US.  Filler with hyaluronic acid is designed to remove fine, superficial wrinkles, minimally correcting the contours and volume of the lips. Buy dermal fillers online at Dkderma for the lowest price in the US.

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Juvederm Ultra 2 (2×0.55 ml) for Minor Wrinkles Correction

Juvederm Ultra 2 is a single-phase, sterile, least dense filler in the Ultra series. The drug is produced by the French-Canadian company Allergan – the leader in the European and American markets for cosmetic products. Since the filler is monophasic, hyaluronic acid is absorbed slower, which provides the most delicate effect. Thanks to the mono-phase nature and the use of the unique 3D Matrix technology in production, Juvederm Ultra 2 guarantees a prolonged action: fills in fine wrinkles and corrects lips for a period of 6 to 8 months.

Juvederm Ultra 2 Balanced Filler Formula

At the heart of the injection filler Juvederm Ultra 2 is hyaluronic acid (HA) of high concentration – 24 mg/ml. The active ingredient of non-animal origin does not contain foreign impurities. The manufacturer managed to achieve 100% biocompatibility of the filler with the cells of the human body. The likelihood of rejection and serious complications is reduced to zero.

The formula of the Juvederm Ultra 2 filler has been improved by the inclusion of 0.3% lidocaine hydrochloride. The substance is a highly effective analgesic that, when a filler is injected, instantly anesthetizes the puncture site, allowing to endure the cosmetic session calmly, as comfortably as possible for the client.

To avoid inflammatory processes on the skin, phosphate buffer with a pH of 7.2 is added to the composition of this filler. Sodium phosphate minimizes the risk of puffiness and bruising and helps to restore the epidermis.  You can order other fillers types from the Juvederm line:

Juvederm Ultra 2 Benefits from the First Treatment

Unlike competing fillers, post-procedural reactions are much less pronounced when Juvederm injections. Experts note a quick result. Fine wrinkles are completely smoothed out within a few hours after the end of the cosmetic session.

When characterizing Juvederm Ultra 2, experts point out the following main advantages of the drug:

  • High degree of stability. Stabilized hyaluronic acid is characterized by good plasticity. Therefore, it begins to disintegrate only after 3-6 months, continuing to remain partially in the correction zones.
  • Improved composition. The formula contains only those components that are natural fillers of dermal tissues. HA is 100% biocompatible and pyrogen-free. It does not cause complex side reactions and an increase in body temperature.
  • Comfort for the client. Juvederm Ultra 2, unlike most analog fillers, contains an anesthetic, which is a significant advantage. Lidocaine relieves pain, reduces the patient’s fear of injections.
  • Precision of introduction. The lightweight filler can be injected using fine 30G needles that are ideal for insertion into the upper dermis. Injection, as a rule, is not accompanied by bruising and hematomas.
  • Instant effect. Already 2-3 hours after the completion of the procedure, it is possible to assess the positive changes in problem areas. The most pronounced effect occurs within 2-4 weeks, which is an excellent result.

Juvederm Ultra 2: Indications for Use

Juvederm Ultra 2 is used to correct mainly young skin with moderate changes. The injectable implant is ideal for the primary contouring of patients aged 25 to 35 years. Biogel can be injected only into the upper layers of the skin. Juvederm Ultra 2 is highly productive for:

  • Elimination of small mimic wrinkles around the mouth,
  • Elimination of minor wrinkles in the forehead and in the eye area,
  • Getting rid of the “crow’s feet” effect, correcting the corners of the eyes,
  • Primary correction of the relief and contours of the lips,
  • Fight against sagging skin,
  • Restoration of skin firmness and elasticity.
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    Juvederm Ultra 2 is great for younger skin, so I use it for people in their twenties

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