Intraline Spiral S2938 – 29G – 38mm/50mm

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Manufacturer: MECOBI Co.
Capacity: 29G
Form: threads


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Buy Intraline Threads Spiral S2938 –29G 38mm/50mm to reduce your clients’ skin’s laxity. With its help, it is possible to smooth out skin imperfections and achieve that rejuvenate glowing look.

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Intraline threads are created for the facelifting procedure. With the help of the special subcutaneous cogs and barbs, the holding effect remains for a long time and guarantees an excellent result.

It is inserted in the places where the skin is lax and saggy, as well as in the areas where wrinkles should be eliminated. Moreover, cosmetic threads provide not only a lifting effect but also collagen production that rejuvenates the face surface.

The special construction of Intraline stoppers and needles gives stability, and regulatory approval guarantees a safe procedure.

Side Effects

● Increased sensitivity;
● Slight swelling in the insertion areas;
● Redness;
● Bruising.

Usually, all side effects are gone within three to five days after the procedure. Everything depends on the individual body’s reaction and its responsiveness.


● Pregnancy or breastfeeding;
● If taking anticoagulant medications;
● If there is an inflammation process or infection in the areas of insertion.

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  1. Val Bickel

    Facial lifting is now an easy task thanks to Intraline. It’s truly the best!

  2. Carlos Greer

    These threads are nice, the effectiveness is guaranteed.

  3. Bonnie

    These threads are very nice. Not my favorite ones (I prefer Intraline Mono), but still quite good. Love the quality of this brand.

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