Intraline Mono M3038 – 30G (38mm/50mm)

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Manufacturer: MECOBI Co.
Capacity: 27G
Form: threads


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Intraline Mono threads for lifting weakened skin. The unique design guarantees prolonged effect and complete satisfaction with the results. Visit to buy Intraline Mono M3038 -30G (38mm/50mm) along with other products of this brand:


Intraline threads were created especially for skin lifting and rejuvenation. Its beneficial influence improves the color and texture of the face, makes it look firmer and fresher, and stimulates natural collagen production in the body. Moreover, it tightens the skin in areas where it is placed. It also provides a bio revitalization effect and mechanical lift right after the treatment.

The Main Features of Interline Mono

A thought-through design of the needles and stoppers guarantees the stability of the result after the procedure. Polydioxanone has regulatory approval that proves its safety and reliability. There are a few items that come in a package: 20 cosmetic threads (M3038 or M2750) and a package insert.

Side Effects

There are several side effect that may appear after the product insertion:

  • Slight redness;
  • Bruising in treated areas;
  • Minor pain;
  • Swelling.


  • Breastfeeding or pregnancy;
  • Tendency to keloid scars formation;
  • Age under 18;
  • Allergy to any product component.

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    Good, I would order it again

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    The price is nice, the quality is great too. You should definitely check it out.

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    The delivery man brought the parcel to my neighbors, but other than that everything was okay. Intraline is a great brand, I often use it in my clinic.

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