Fillmed Art Filler Fine Lines

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Manufacturer: Fillmed
Capacity: 1ml
Form: prefilled syringe


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Brand: Fillmed (Filorga)
Application areas: For face
Filler base: Stabilized hyaluronic acid
Lidocaine: Yes
Hyaluronic acid concentration: 20mg/ml
Volume: 1 ml
Country of origin: France
Needles: 30G 1/2

Main Properties of Fillmed Art Filler Fine Lines Lidocaine

Fillmed Art Filler Fine Lines Lidocaine, bio corrector with hyaluronic acid (HA) at its base is produced by the Fillmed French laboratory (Filorga in the past) and is applied to eliminate early, surface skin creases, reshape, and/or correct the volume of the lips. The presence of local anesthetic will minimize the painful feelings during the injection course.

Are you looking to buy Filorga Art Filler Fine Lines with Lidocaine (2×1.2ml), visit the website and add the chosen remedy to the cart, fill in the required information, and proceed with the payment. You are just a few steps away from receiving your favorite product.  We also offer a variety of other Fillmed dermal fillers:

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Clients of cosmetology salons and aesthetic clinics who turn to beauticians to rejuvenate their skin most often choose bio correction with hyaluronic acid gels. HA injections give instant outcomes without complications. In addition, dermal gels with HA are not rejected by the organism. At the same time, the outcome of the filling injection is temporary. A repeated injection is required not sooner than after 6–9 months.

Laboratoires Filled, located in France, manufactures long-acting intradermal Fillmed Art Filler. The dermal fillers family includes four products with different density and, accordingly, purpose:

  • universal gel for smoothingmid and deep wrinkles, contouring – Universal;
  • HA filler for reshaping and augmentation of lips – Lips;
  • volumetric – Volume;
  • remedies for eliminating surface wrinkles – Fine Lines.

Fillmed Art Filler Fine Lines with lidocaine is the lightest preparation with the lowest HA concentration – 20 mg/ml and volumetric capacity. The remedy also includes 0.3% local anesthetic lidocaine. The manufacturer positions the bio corrector as a remedy with a flexible consistency and comfortable distribution. It is a plastic transparent gel in 1.2ml syringes, 30G needles included.

Like all bio correctors, Fine Lines is produced with the help of the unique TRI-HYAL technology, which allowed incorporating 3 hyaluronic acid types in one product. These types of HA, respectively, determine the three basic characteristics of Filorga fillers with lidocaine: smoothing, modeling, volumetric.

The gel for smoothing fine wrinkles, compared to other temporary gels of the dermal family, includes uncrosslinked HA. It posesses the most prominent smoothing properties, the least – volumetric and modeling properties. As this gel already contains lidocaine, so additional anesthetic cream is not required. The outcome of beauty injections is visible up to eighteen months. One syringe is developed for one procedure.

Indications for Use Fillmed Art Filler Fine Lines Lidocaine

  • Elimination of fine and surface creases;
  • Evening of the skin relief;
  • Moisturizing;
  • Lip shape enhancement, soft plumping of the lips tissues.

Five reasons why beauticians and patients choose Filorga Fine Lines

  • The ability to get rid of wrinkles in one procedure for a long time;
  • Easy application of the filler. The ergonomic syringe and the plasticity of the gel allow for precise injections, so the effect of the injections can be predicted in advance;
  • Safety of the procedure for health;
  • Painless injections;
  • Natural result.


  • Severe allergies
  • Intolerance to hyaluronic acid or lidocaine;
  • Patient’s age less than 18 years;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Breastfeeding period;
  • Autoimmune ailments;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Diabetes;
  • Malignant tumors;
  • Treatment with anticoagulants, antibiotics;
  • Infectious diseases in the acute phase;
  • Skin lesions and inflammations in the injection areas;
  • Less than three weeks after a chemical peel, laser resurfacing.

Possible undesirable reactions after Fillmed Art Filler Fine Lines injections are the same as after filling with any HA-based drugs: swelling, redness, itching, bruising, hematomas. Usually, all these unpleasant symptoms disappear in 2-10 days. Ice is applied to the injected areas to reduce swelling. Complications after the procedure are rare and should be reported to the doctor who performed the procedure immediately.

In order to reduce the manifestation of side effects and maintain the anti-aging effect of the procedure as long as possible, the beautician gives to a patient a memo detailing the post-procedural restrictions. So, on the day of the procedure, it is undesirable to use cosmetics. During the day, it is recommended to avoid mechanical impact on the injection sites, temperature changes. For two weeks, you should limit physical activity, refuse to go to the solarium, pool, gym. Sunscreen is applied to the treated areas before leaving the house in sunny weather.

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