Dysport 500U 2vials

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Dysport 500U English is an innovative botulinum toxin type A product used not only in the beauty industry to get rid of folds and wrinkles and gain youthful skin but also in the medical sphere for the correction of muscle activity. Dysport 500U has a similar effect to Botox, but it is more diluted, and as a result, its effect is lighter. At Dkderma you can buy Dysport online for the lowest prices in the US.

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Dysport 500 U: New Step for the Aesthetic and Traditional Medicine

Dysport is used for the treatment of any kind of muscle spasms and such diseases as children’s cerebral palsy of the legs (to improve their walking), spasmodic torticollis, etc.

In aesthetic medicine, the injection’s primary goal is to relax muscles on the face and adjust their activity. With its help, it is possible to improve skin’s surface, smooth out mimic wrinkles, and get the desired youthful look.

Indications for Dysport 500 Units

  • Curing the upper and lower limb spasticity in grown-up people;
  • Cervical dystonia in adult women;
  • Curing of upper limb spasticity in pediatric cases (2 years and older)
  • Smoothing out the lines and folds on the face, neck, and decollete.

The vial with the product contains between 300 to 500 units of powder. Contraindicated to those who can’t tolerate any botulinum toxin agents or cow’s milk protein.

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How does Dysport Work?

Speaking about aesthetic medicine, this procedure doesn’t take much time; between 20-40 minutes, depending on the treated area. If needed, the doctor can use an anesthetic before the procedure. Dysport relaxes the muscles on the face and decreases its movement. Thanks to that, lines on the face smooth out, and skin evens out its tone. The full effect becomes visible in a few days and lasts from three to four months.

In spasms treatment, the amount of the medication and frequency of the procedures is defined and prescribed by the doctor.

The Difference between Botox and Dysport

The main difference between these two products is their components. For example, lactose-intolerant people can’t use Dysport, as it contains cow’s milk protein. To find out which one suits you more, consult with the doctor first.

Also, those medicines are used for the same face areas, but doctors usually inject Dysport in the glabellar lines when Botox is preferred for the forehead and areas around the eyes. Check our Dysport vs Botox comparison article.

Lastly, Dysport’s price is more affordable than Botox. But if you are looking to buy Botox online from the original supplier, you can do that at our online shop DKderma.

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