Dysport 500U Turkish Package

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New step both for the aesthetic medicine and medical sphere – Dysport 500 Units Turkish. This injection can not only make your skin look youthful by smoothing out folds and wrinkles but also improve muscle activity. It is a botulinum toxin type A product, as well as Botox, but it is more diluted. Consequently, its effect is lighter. At Dkderma you can order Dysport online for the most affordable price in the US.

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Dysport 500 U: New Step for the Aesthetic and Traditional Medicine

In the beauty industry, Dysport 500U is used for muscle relaxation and adjusting their activity. It helps to get younger-looking skin, improve its surface, and get rid of annoying mimic wrinkles.

In the medical sphere, doctors use it for curing every type of muscle spasms. Also used in treating children’s cerebral palsy of the legs (to improve their walking), spasmodic torticollis, etc.

Indications for Dysport 500 Units Turkish

  • Treatment of upper limb spasticity in pediatric cases (2 years and older)
  • Cervical dystonia in grown-up women;
  • Healing the upper and lower limb spasticity in adult people;
  • Smoothen the mimic wrinkles on the face, neck, and decollete.

The consistency of the vial is between 300 to 500 units of powder.

Contraindicated to patients with intoleration of any botulinum toxin agents or cow’s milk protein.

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How does Dysport Work?

The durability of the procedure depends on the cured zone. It varies between 20 minutes to an hour. If the patient has high sensibility, the doctor can use an anesthetic before the treatment. Not only does Dysport smooth out skin by relaxing the muscles on the face and lessening their movement, but also it evens out a skin tone and makes it look much younger. You can see the full effect, which remains from three to four months, in a couple of days.

In spasm treatment, the amount of injected units and the procedures’ frequency is determined and prescribed by the doctor.

The Difference between Botox and Dysport

Dysport’s price is different. It is more affordable than Botox. Check our Dysport vs Botox comparison article.

The main difference is their components. For instance, Dysport contains cow’s milk protein, so lactose-intolerant people can’t use it. To find out which product is better for you, consult with the doctor.

Also, doctors prefer to use those medicines in different zones. Despite the fact that they both are suitable for every area on the face, Dysport is mostly used on the glabellar lines when Botox is injected in the forehead and areas around the eyes more often.

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  1. Kimberly Leavy

    I’m satisfied, zero complaints

  2. Susan Pisani

    It’s one of the best muscle relaxants I’ve ever tried, a perfect alternative for Botox

  3. Cynthia Cox

    Such a great injectable, wow

  4. Rebecca

    No, absolutely not, Turkish package is nothing compared to the classic Dysport. I tried to experiment, but I think I will just stick to my favorites.

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