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Brand: Cytocare
Problems to be solved: Acne and post-acne, skin moisturizing, removing age spots, strengthening skin turgor, fine wrinkles
Volume: 5 ml
Country of origin: France
Brand: Cytocare
Problems to be solved: Acne and post-acne, skin moisturizing, removing age spots, strengthening skin turgor, fine wrinkles
Volume: 5 ml
Country of origin: France

Among numerous aesthetic medicine procedures meant for dermis rejuvenation and averting aging modifications, the most famous are bio revitalization and mesotherapy. They both are alike, however still not the same. Both techniques need injection administration and remedies that have hyaluronic acid (HA) in their base, moreover, supporting elements are included. For gaining the greatest outcome, it is needful to have a treatment course.

Biorevitalization is a type of mesotherapy: number one is usually started at 25-30 if dermis fading marks are present, when number two is appropriate from 18 and more, and its main task is to postpone the appearance of flaws caused by the age. Its task is not just averting but erasing visible imperfections caused by aging on the skin surface.

Meso-cocktails from the Cytocare range from the French firm Revitacare eliminate various kinds of wrinkles, get back youthful and glowing skin, reinstate cell regeneration organic processes, etc.

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Basic Properties

Cytocare products are alike in their core, the one dissimilarity is the quantity of HA. The more mature the client is, the more hyaluronic acid it contains. The quantity of polysaccharide in the vial is specified with the last two numerals in the number. Moreover, it contains not only HA but also a rejuvenating mix of additional components CT 50. Each and every one part of the drug assists to deal with plenty of aesthetic problems, making the product’s efficiency beneficial to the max:

● HA moistens the face surface, evens out its color, and upgrades tone, increasing HA, collagen, and elastin production;
● The amino acid combo plays the role of constructing builder for protein in the dermis, induces the synthesis of fibroblasts, and resumption of the cellular matrix;
● Important DNA part – thymidine nucleotide. The genetic apparatus of a cell works with nucleotides, retaining its individual power abilities, whereas secretory mechanisms are turned on, and the “maturation” of cells is speeded up;
● Vitamin B and minerals maintain antioxidant properties, increase tissue supply, and activate cell breathing;
● Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) renews tissue stretchiness, erases dermal creases, and tightens facial contours.

Cytocare 516 is created for clients from 35 to 50. It includes 16 mg of HA per 5 ml vial. The remedy contains amino acids, vitamins, micro- and macroelements, and many more additional components together with the unstabilized hyaluronic acid. It is administered with the needle into the deeper dermis layers.

Application Areas

The remedy mentioned above is the number one choice to improve aging imperfections. This meso-cocktail is prescribed for working with such shortcomings:

● Fine lines and skin creases, premature photoaging;
● Dehydrated face surface;
● Worsening of facial appearance because of smoking;
● Dermis laxity;
● Pigmentation;
● Summer preparation;
● Rehab because of peelings, laser resurfacing, plastic operation, or preparation for treatments mentioned previously.

Right after the beginning of the administration, the looks become glowy, fresher, its visuals get much better, aging signs are erased, and the face shape is tightened.

Procedure Protocol

Cytocare 516(10x5ml) Revitacare is mostly applied on the face, neck, décolleté, and back of the hands. It shouldn’t be applied if permanent implants are present, also near lips, or near the eyes.

The treatment is usually prescribed as a course: 6 appointments with a weekly interlude. Two supporting appointments with a frequency of two weeks will assist in consolidating the result. In perspective, one procedure is conducted every 30 days to stabilize the effect. One vial with a remedy is meant for single usage.


● Underaged people;
● Pregnancy, lactation;
● Allergy to the remedy components;
● Oncological illnesses;
● Hepatitis;
● Hemophilia, anticoagulants usage;
● Viral and bacterial infections, high temperature;
● Traumas and swellings at the treated areas;
● The tendency to keloid scars emergence.

Side Effects and Precautions

Only specialists – cosmetologists, professional dermatologists, plastic surgeons – are allowed to conduct treatment. Before it, the customer should tell the beautician about the beauty treatments that have been conducted.

Usually, there should be no complications after the treatment. Slight redness, swelling, and papules are common. Previously mentioned uncomfortable signs are gone in 2–3 days. If hematomas appear, heparin ointment or arnica cream will help to cure them.

The following 24 hours afterward the treatment, it is better to avoid the thermal and mechanical influence on the cured zones: don’t wash your face, touch the treated zones, or use cream and cosmetics. Sometimes, the doctor can prescribe antiseptic on the treated areas for the first two days.

It is forbidden to visit the gym, swimming pool, sauna, and solarium. Avoid sunlight and apply sunscreen before going out.

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