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For many years, plastic surgery was considered the most cardinal and effective solution in correcting age-related changes. However, today, more and more often, patients of clinics and salons prefer injection contour plastics, and there are reasons for this tendency.

When we talk about non-invasive rejuvenation, the name of Juvederm dermal fillers comes one of the first. Hyaluronic acid remedies from the French-Canadian Allergan manufacturer are №1 choice among thousands of doctors and patients around the globe due to their high quality and safety rate, a wide variety of gels for various purposes, and excellent results.

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What is Juvéderm?

Juvederm is a brand name for a family of dermal fillers, injectable solutions with hyaluronic acid to solve a row of aesthetic and aging concerns with the skin and appearance on the face, neck, and decollete.

Allergan uses a unique patented 3D Matrix technology to produce hyaluronic acid, the base for their dermal fillers. This technology allows creating a homogeneous gel with smooth and even texture, perfectly filling all the hollow areas in the derma and providing maximum natural result after the bio correction. Some of the Juvéderm fillers also may contain local anesthetic lidocaine to make the procedure of injection more comfortable for the patient.

The second benefit of correcting gels from Juvederm is minimal risk of gel migration, the appearance of unevennesses, or other unaesthetic visual effects.

On our website DKderma.com, you can buy a wide variety of Juvederm products at the most attractive prices:

Juvéderm Ultra: 2, 3, 4;
Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC;
Juvéderm Ultra Smile;
Juvéderm Volbella;
Juvéderm Volift Retouch;
Juvéderm Volite;
Juvéderm Voluma;
Juvéderm Volux.

Juvederm Family of Fillers for Beauty and Youthful Skin

The range of Juvederm preparations is quite wide and varied. The assortment provides great opportunities for contouring and modeling a wide variety of face and body imperfections. What is Juvederm, and what are the advantages of this filler – we have already figured out. Let’s take a quick look at the action of each of the drugs.

The most demanded development of the Allergan concern in aesthetic medicine is luxury fillers Juvederm Ultra based on an improved formula of stabilized low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and lidocaine hydrochloride for a painless procedure. Gels from this line solve a wide range of imperfections, starting with superficial lines around the mouth or eyes up to modeling of the cheeks, cheekbones, and chin.

In search of constant ways to achieve better natural-looking and longer-lasting results, the manufacturer is constantly improving the offered products and expanding the line of fillers. The latest innovations of the company are fillers based on advanced Vycross technology, which guarantees instant results after the first injection. The treatment area with Vycross technology gels looks very natural, and the prolonged action of the drug lasts up to one and a half years or more. This category contains:

The densest dermal filler from the manufacturer Juvederm Voluma for deep modeling and filling the cheekbones, lips, and chin;
delicate and plastic Juvederm Volbella gel for rejuvenating tired skin and replenishing tissue deficiencies caused by age or injury;
universal filler Juvederm Volift for the middle and deep layers of the dermis, providing a pronounced “lifting” of the face and body and leveling the deformed relief of various areas.

Approved Uses of Juvederm Fillers

Treatment with series of Juvederm products can help to improve the skin and facial features in so many FDA-approved ways. This is what Juvederm products can do:

eliminate different types of facial wrinkles starting with fine lines around the eyes and deep nasolabial folds;
replenish the lost facial volume in the area of cheeks/temples;
plump lips/correct the asymmetry of the upper lip/define the contours/smooth vertical wrinkles;
sculpt and define the features of the face: cheekbones/jawline/chin;
improve turgor, tone, and elasticity;
lift and tighten the skin;
straighten the nose;
even the texture and complexion: brighten different types of scars, post-acne marks, pigmentation;
hydrate the dermal tissues.

How long does the Effect Last with Juvederm Preparations?

In general, Juvederm Ultra filler will dissolve in 6-12 months, while Juvederm Vycross fillers can maintain volume for up to 18 months. Fillers are retained for a shorter time in the mobile areas of the face, which include the lips, than in more static areas.

The rate of absorption also depends on the patient’s own metabolism. Ultimately, all hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are not permanent and can be dissolved using the hyaluronidase enzyme if the patient doesn’t like the result or have any complications.

The best advice on how to get the best effect is by having a consultation with a doctor at the clinic.

Juvederm Ultra: the approximate duration of effect is 1 year;
Juvederm Voluma: 18 months;
Juvederm Volbella: 12 months;
Juvederm Volift: 15 months;
Juvederm Volite: 6-9months.

Important Safety Information

What are the Precautions and Contraindications to do not Taking Juvederm Injections with Hyaluronic Acid?
Before the treatment with Juvederm products, the doctor should check if the patients do not have any of the contraindications to the procedure:

severe allergic reactions/allergy to lidocaine;
pregnancy and lactation period;
inflammation/infection at the injection site;
bleeding disorders;
minor age.

Violation of these factors may lead to serious complications and problems with health and appearance.
What are Possible Side Effects after Juvederm Injections?
The manufacturer guarantees the high quality of its products. The non-organic origin of hyaluronic acid the fillers are based on makes sure there will no allergy or body rejection occur in the skin tissues. However, the procedure may provoke certain local side effects:


The side effects are temporary, and in case of correct administration of the filler should not last longer than a few days after the gel was injected.
Preparation Before and After Juvederm Treatment
In order to make sure the patients receive the best naturally looking results after treatments, it is recommended to follow the next precautions before and after the procedures with dermal gels:


do not drink alcohol;
do not take blood thinners;
do not visit spa;
do not undergo laser procedures.


do not rub the face;
do not put heavy makeup;
do not do sports;
do not visit spa/sauna;
do not sunbathe;
do not take hot showers/baths.

How much does Juvederm cost?

The price for different Juvederm gels in the prefilled syringes varies, depending on their category. On DKderma.com, you can buy Juvederm products starting at $160 per package. Please, visit our website to check out the prices for all products.