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Why Do Under-Eye Wrinkles Form & How to Get Rid of Them?

23 Mar 2022
How to Get Rid of Under-Eye Wrinkles?

Guess what? Aging is not the only and not the main cause of fine lines and wrinkles!!! Especially in the delicate and tender area under the eyes. Environment, skincare, stress, sleep, nutrition, daily routine are the factors that can either postpone or accelerate the appearance of lines and creases on the skin.

So, let’s figure out what carries a potential thread of premature aging and what we can do to prolong the youth of the skin around the eyes for a little bit longer. Keep on reading, and I bet you will discover lots of interesting insights you did not know about your skin.

Why Do Wrinkles under the Eyes Appear the First?

Why Do Wrinkles under the Eyes Appear the First?

Yes-yes, crow’s feet and fine lines in the inner corner of the eye are the first wrinkles you are to see on your face. And they can appear even at the age of 25 or even sooner when you don’t expect it at all. There are genetic, natural, as well as behavioral, and external causes that provoke the early appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging on the face.

An interesting and important fact to know is that the skin under the eyes is the most tender, sensitive, and delicate on the whole face. Thus, it is 20 times thinner than that of the cheeks or forehead. Moreover, there are no sweating glands or pores, so the structure of the dermis is different. Even physiologically, the under-eyes skin is more prone to damages and forming creases.

Furthermore, the area around the eyes is one of the most active and dynamic on a par with the perioral area. There is a single muscle that moves and contracts every time we laugh, smile, cry, frown, not to mention that we blink approximately 20 timers per minute.

Thus, any mistake in the skincare routine, bad habits, rough handling of your skin, and of course, natural aging cause fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes in the first place. So, let’s have a closer look at what factors and in what way accelerate or prevent under-eye wrinkles formation.

The First Fine Lines or Mimic Wrinkles

The appearance of fine lines is inevitable. In the area under the eyes, the first visible creases, as a rule, appear at the age of 25. The peculiarity of the dermis in this delicate area: absence of sebaceous and sweat glands, loose subcutaneous fat, lower concentration of hyaluronic acid and collagen, plus the active movement of the facial eye muscles provoke the appearance of fine lines.

Do not panic! All these processes are natural, and it does not mean you should run to a cosmetologist to have beauty injections or a facelift. In this age, to maintain your skin in good condition, it is enough to provide regular restorative and corrective care, applying light-textured gel or cream for the area under the eyes to soften, nourish, and moisturize the skin. Many doctors recommend implementing under-eyes skincare cosmetics starting with the age of 20.

Aging Wrinkles Under the Eyes

The youth and beauty of our skin on 80% (if not more) depends on 3 elements – hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin. They are responsible for the elasticity, firmness, and turgor of the skin. Unfortunately, the inner layer of the epidermis thinners with time, making the skin sag and become more sensitive to the impact of external factors.

In this case, the mare skincare routine is not so helpful (but it does not mean you should neglect it anyway), and this is when you can use professional anti-aging treatments like botulinum toxin therapy or dermal fillers injections.

Common Causes of Fine Lines and Wrinkles Under the Eyes

Except for active facial expressions and the aging process, there are dozens of other, sometimes even surprising factors that have a direct impact on the formation of wrinkles.

Skin type. I know that this is not something we choose or can change, but whether you are an owner of dry, normal, oily, or combined skin matters a lot when we talk about wrinkles and aging. Dry skin type, which naturally lacks moisture, loses collagen and elastin much faster than combined on oily.

Poor/improperly selected/irregular skincare. As a result, your skin does not receive all the nutritional and moisturizing elements it needs for a healthy, fresh, and youthful appearance.

Lack of liquid. To maintain skin cells elastic and firm, you should consume enough water and limit black tea, coffee, salt, and sweat to avoid dehydration of the tissues.

Improper body position during sleep. If you like to sleep on your abdomen, you regularly press your skin to the pillow, preventing it from breathing, and very often, folds on bed linen are imprinted on your face.

Vision problems. We already actively use the muscles around the eyes, but people, who have got any pathologies of the visual organs, get a habit of squinting and straining the muscles.

Stress. Stress is the enemy of everything. Worrying and other negative emotions affect the hormonal background, lead to the destruction of the structure of collagen and elastin, and disrupt blood circulation.

A sharp decrease in body weight, strict diets. Along with fat, the body loses the substances essential for its work, without which normal skin tone and elasticity are impossible.

Hereditary predisposition. The tendency to the early appearance of folds and dryness of the skin can be transmitted from the parents.

Systematic exposure to ultraviolet radiation, abuse of sunbath, and solarium. UV rays cause pigmentation and wrinkles if you don’t take protective measures.

Lack of sleep. If you do not sleep well, your eyelids and facial muscles are in constant hypertonus and do not relax.

Puffiness tendency. Puffiness stretches the tender undereye dermis contributing to the faster formation of creases on the skin.

Smoking and frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages.

What to Do once You Have Noticed Under-Eye Wrinkles?

Starting with the age of 25-27, our skins start to age, collagen and hyaluronic acid deposits decrease, and wrinkles appear. But it does not mean there is nothing to do, especially in the times of modern advanced cosmetology and medicine. Even deep wrinkles can be smoothed out in a few minutes. Let’s discuss home and clinic methods of reducing fine lines.

Home Anti-Aging Treatments for the Under-Eye Fine Lines and Dark Circles

At home, you should pay special attention to the products you use for your skin and the regularity of your skincare routine.

Anti-aging ingredients. When choosing skin care cosmetics, pay attention to their composition and choose remedies that include vitamin C, retinoids, coenzyme Q10, peptides, probiotics, hyaluronic acid. These ingredients will protect your skin from the negative impact of environmental factors and stimulate collagen production. Ideally, if you select your skincare products with a cosmetologist according to the needs of your skin, skin type, and age.

Night creams. Many people think there is no difference between the day and night cream, but it is not so. Do not neglect this stage of facial care and choose an effective night cream to moisturize your skin during the nighttime. Otherwise, you risk getting dehydrated skin, which is more sensitive to premature aging.

Facial massage. Massage is a wonderful way to decrease the tension on the dermal tissues, relax the muscles, reduce puffiness, improve the blood flow, and decrease dynamic wrinkles. You can use your hands, rollers, or scrapers with facial oils, serums, or moisturizers. Due to regular massage, the skin rejuvenates as a result of intracellular elastin production. Just make sure you massage and do not stretch your skin. You can also practise special facial exercises.

Control your facial expressions. I am not saying here you should stop laughing or blinking. Just if you notice your facial expressions are too frequent or unnecessary, try to get rid of that.

Cosmetic Procedures to Eliminate Wrinkles under the Eyes

Modern cosmetology can cope almost with everything: natural aging, skin damage due to sun exposure, acne, post-acne, scars, flabbiness, loss of volume, fine lines and wrinkles, and any other imperfection that may just come up to your mind.

Dermal fillers injections. The most popular are injections of hyaluronic acid. It quickly fills in all hollow spaces in the dermal tissues, smoothing out the relief, leaving no single wrinkle or fold. Of course, not all filers are suitable for this sensitive area. Just gels with the most delicate texture can be used. Pay attention to the fillers from such brands as Juvederm, Restylane, or Belotero.

Botulinum toxin injections. The injections of Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport were specially elaborated to fight fine lines and wrinkles caused by active facial expression. When the toxin is injected under the skin, under-eye wrinkles gradually disappear as the eye muscle relaxes for the next 4-6 months.

Mesotherapy. This is another injectable procedure for skin rejuvenation with the administration of a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and herbal extracts to boost elastin and collagen production in the skin cells.

Laser. This is a mechanical way to erase deeper lines in the under-eye area. With its help, you can also get rid of post-acne marks, scars, pigmentation – the consequences of aging and sun exposure.

The Bottom Line

With time, the skin loses many vital elements essential for its beautiful, healthy, and youthful appearance. This process is inevitable and unstoppable, but it does not mean we cannot slow it down. If you combine a healthy diet, regular sleep, appropriate skin care routine, protect it from sun damage and wear sunglasses, use cosmetology treatments if needed, you can postpone the appearance of fine lines and under-eye wrinkles and prolong the youth of your skin for a few years. Also, don’t forget that DKderma is the best place to buy Botox online.

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