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Mesotherapy: What is it & does it Really Work?

25 Jun 2021
Mesotherapy: What is it & does it Really Work?

Mesotherapy for hair, weight loss, facial wrinkles… I am sure you heard about such procedures and maybe even considered doing one yourself, and of course, you wondered whether it is the same treatment, what it is in general, how it works, and is it effective at all. If you are a medical professional, you can buy mesotherapy products online for the lowest price in the USA.

In this article, we will examine the procedure of mesotherapy treatments, its effects, areas of application, indications, and contraindications, possible risks for health, and side effects to help you weigh all the pros and cons before you make the decision. So, let’s start!!!

What is Mesotherapy Treatment?

I will not exaggerate by saying that mesotherapy is one of the most advanced procedures for rejuvenating and improving appearance. Why? The answer is because it is safe, minimally-invasive, fast, almost painless, effective, solves a wide range of aesthetic problems, provides natural results. But first things first.

When we say ‘mesotherapy’ we mean a non-surgical and almost noninvasive treatment that involves a sequence of injections of special liquid cocktails with fine needles. The composition of the solutions for the procedure may vary and include such ingredients as synthetic acids, for example, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamin А, С, В, Е, Р, or their mix, minerals (zinc, phosphorus, or sulfur), phospholipids, collagen, elastin, plant extracts, and organic acids.

The market is full of mesotherapy products with various compositions. The choice of the solution will depend on the individual’s skin needs and desired results after the procedure.

What Treatment Results Can I Expect After Mesotherapy?

This treatment can solve many aesthetic problems on the face and body. Depending on the treated area, the patient can see the following improvements:

  • smoothing out of superficial wrinkles and fine lines;
  • treatment of acne;
  • eliminating post-acne marks and scars;
  • evening of the skin relief;
  • tightening of the skin tissues;
  • improvement of the elasticity;
  • improvement of the overall complexion;
  • getting rid of the excess fat on the face and body;
  • treating cellulite;
  • improvement of the hair growth factors;
  • treating hair loss.

How is it possible? The clue lies in the composition of the injectable solution. Every medication contains a mix of ingredients and active components that will solve the particular issue, enrich the skin tissues with the lacking acids, minerals, and vitamins, boost inner collagen production, improve sluggish blood circulation, and solve the problem on the cellular level. That is why it takes some time to see the improvement, but the results are definitely worth waiting for.

As you, the procedure may help you to improve the condition of your face and body, obtain healthy and glowing skin, and strong hair. Of course, do not think that this is a miracle treatment and you will obtain an appearance of your dream just after one treatment.

As a rule, to see a certain result, you will need to take a course of a few sessions (8-12). The number depends on the initial condition of the problem, and during the course, your cosmetologist or dermatologist will tell you how many treatments you will need to reach the goal.

Potential Side Effects of Mesotherapy Injections

One of the safest available cosmetic treatments, meso injections still can be followed by certain negative body reactions. The professionalism of the doctor performing the manipulation, quality of the chosen treatment, the patient’s precautions can significantly reduce the risks, but nevertheless, the following local irritations at the injection site can be observed:

  • pain;
  • redness;
  • itching;
  • sensitivity;
  • bruising;
  • swelling.

When you observe any of these symptoms, there is nothing to worry about as they usually disappear within a few hours (max a few days).

The Procedure of Mesotherapy Treatments

Treatment with meso cocktails is relatively fast and simple. The patient should not make any special preparations, except for avoiding laser, peelings, drinking alcohol, taking antibiotics, and blood thinners.

The doctor will start with removing the makeup, cleansing the skin, applying numbing cream for local anesthesia. Then, you will receive a sequence of subcutaneous injections with fine needles that do not differ from the regular injections you have received before. In general, the whole process will not take longer than 60 minutes. Of course, it depends on the area you are to treat. If you want to remove excess fat on the thighs or abdomen, it may take longer, as the area is bigger, that let’s say, the face. After that, you can resume your ordinary life, as there is no need for hospitalization.

What to Do After Mesotherapy?

Being minimally invasive, mesotherapy still demands you to follow some precautions to do not cause any danger to your health and beauty. Living tiny punctures from the needles, it makes sense to avoid places and activities that could either affect the injected solution or cause inflammation or injection to the tissues. Here we relate:

  • intense strenuous exercise;
  • visits to the gym, fitness, etc.;
  • pools, solarium, spa;
  • exposure to high temperatures: sunbathing, taking hot baths or showers;
  • rubbing the injected area;
  • putting heavy makeup.

The Effectiveness of Mesotherapy

No one can give you any guarantees on the effectiveness of the treatment, as everything is very individual and depends on various factors. Sometimes, the problem can be more complicated than it seems, be caused by diseases, problems with health, lifestyle, so definitely the vitamin cocktail can not be dealing with it as effectively as it is desired.

Thus, if you want to rejuvenate skin, instantly improve dull complexion, eliminate wrinkles and folds, the results will be more predictable than in the face of fat reduction. Hyaluronic acid will fill in the hollow areas in the tissues, smoothing out the skin surface, hydrating, producing new collagen, so the results are visible sooner.

Hair loss, extra weight, and cellulite problems may be linked to problems with health, so predicting how effective the treatment will be in these cases is more difficult.

How Long Will the Effect After Meso Treatment Last?

As a rule, the specialists recommend taking meso injection once a year. If you are using this method to enhance the natural beauty and healthy glowing of your skin or hair, then, if you take the whole course, your dermal tissues will be supplied with all the necessary elements for 8-12 months, as this is how long it takes for the organism to break and digest hyaluronic acid and other components.

If the aim of the procedure is to destroy fat cells or cellulite, with a correct diet and regular exercise, you will not need to return to the doctor again. Everything is individual.

Is Mesotherapy Painful?

I would say that no, it is not, but I do not want to deceive anybody by saying it is pain-free. The application of the cream with lidocaine on the treated area temporarily numbs the skin and decreases the painful feelings. Nevertheless, it may still feel uncomfortable.

If you feel any discomfort or pain once the action of Lidocaine is weakened, you may ask the doctor about any painkillers, creams, or use the pack of ice to relieve the irritation of the skin.

To Sum UP

Are you looking for a quick fix solution for hair loss, cellulite, excessive weight, aging changes? Mesotherapy may become one of the ways out to enhance your natural beauty and become a few steps closer to the appearance of your dream. I do not tell you it is a miracle, everything is individual, but it is not groundlessly one of the most popular procedures in the world on a par with Botox and dermal fillers.

One of the components of satisfying results is a reliable and experienced cosmetic doctor, so do not spare time and money to find a top professional!!!

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