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12 Nov 2021
Minimally invasive aesthetic treatments have gained extreme popularity among patients in different corners of the world. Beauty injections with botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid fillers, lifting with cosmetic threads made it possible to look younger and more beautiful at any age. Add here a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, regular sports, and exercise, ...
17 Sep 2021
Mesotherapy treatment is an incredibly popular cosmetic procedure. The cosmetologists recommend it to patients of various ages and with different problems, but is it really that universal and suitable for everybody. What is mesotherapy? This kind of bio revitalization, better known as mesotherapy, is a procedure for injecting pharmaceutical and ...
25 Jun 2021
Mesotherapy for hair, weight loss, facial wrinkles… I am sure you heard about such procedures and maybe even considered doing one yourself, and of course, you wondered whether it is the same treatment, what it is in general, how it works, and is it effective at all. In this article, we will examine the procedure […]

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