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Juvederm: A Great Option to Plump Up Your Lips

18 Apr 2022
Juvederm: A Great Option to Plump Up Your Lips

“What is a perfect lip shape?”. According to thousands of surveys, the answers to this question are pretty similar – full, plum, volumized, juicy. Some may even say “desirable to kiss.” However, not everyone was lucky enough to be born with such magnificent, seductive looks. So does it mean individuals with thin lips don’t have a chance to achieve the desired looks of their dreams? No, of course, it’s the twenty-first century, for God’s sake; everything is possible now!

Today, we would like to tell you about the brand that has already fulfilled the aesthetic goals of millions of people around the world – Juvederm. More precisely, how Juvederm lip fillers can be used to give someone youthful, more glowing appearance without the need to try plastic surgeries.

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What Are Juvederm Dermal Fillers for Lips?


In the world of aesthetic medicine, any Juvederm dermal filler by the Allergan company is well-known and greatly loved, thanks to its outstanding abilities and working principles. The variety of these injectables is truly unique – the right option can be found for every face area; with their help, the lost volume in the facial tissue can be effectively restored, severe wrinkles filled, and youthful looks improved without any downtime or complicated recovery process.

The active ingredient in the composition of every Juvederm injectable gel is hyaluronic – a substance produced naturally in the human body. “Why is this fact important?” you’d ask. The answer is simple. That makes the product 100% biocompatible and safe for any customer out there, which means the possibility of severe side effects is reduced to the maximum.

According to doctors’ recommendations, Juvederm cosmetic procedures can be started approximately from the age of 25-27, when the natural production of collagen, HA, and elastin is reduced, and the first aging signs become visible on the skin. But, if we talk about the treatment for fuller lips, it is possible to start it earlier (however, a patient still should not be younger than 18 years old).

Are There Other Types of Juvederm Injections?

Juvederm fillers are incredibly effective for age-related volume loss restoration, and that’s why a lot of variations were created to fulfill all kinds of aesthetic needs of an individual. So, the following types of Juvederm injectables are available for purchase on the market:

  • Juvederm Volux. This one is the most suitable for the lips area, as well as for the elimination of the mimic wrinkles in the zones with thin skin;
    Juvederm Volux


  • Juvederm Voluma. One of the greatest solutions for wrinkles reduction in the perioral area and the elimination of severe facial wrinkles.


  • Juvederm Ultra. This option is the best for lips contouring and sagging skin correction. It is also quite effective for volume restoration in certain facial parts;
    $230   $325   $330
    $550   $255
  • Juvederm Hydrate. This is the best solution for dehydrated, dry skin. In addition, it can smooth out the wrinkles and slightly restore volume in a patient’s face;

The correct form of the filler can only be defined by a licensed medical professional after having a consultation and running all required medical tests. Only in this way it is possible to provide the safest and the most effective treatment to a client.

Juvederm’s Working Principle

As we have already mentioned here, different fillers are meant for various target areas, and a lip filler is not an exception. Such a delicate zone requires gentle and smooth administration, plus it is vital to take care of it correctly after the injection session. The best gel options for lip enhancement by the Juvederm brand are Juvederm Volbella XC and Juvederm Ultra XC. Their great smooth texture and beneficial formulation are perfect even for the deep injection, so a person can see the result immediately after the treatment and enjoy it for a long time.

Before the Juvederm treatment, it is required to disinfect the injection spot and apply a local anesthetic to make sure an individual won’t feel any pain or severe discomfort. After that, the gel is administered carefully through a sterile needle subcutaneously with the help of a special technique. Lastly, a beautician may carefully massage the place of injection or apply ice to reduce the swelling.

As hyaluronic acid is a natural substance, side effects or complications are incredibly rare after this product. And if to plan a proper aftercare routine with a medical professional, all irritations will disappear in no time!

Three Things You Need to Know

Before trying Juvederm to plump lips, people should learn more about this product to be aware of what they have administered under their skin. So, here are three things every patient should be mindful of before lip and facial fillers injections:

  • Dermal filler results are not infinite. In other words, the effect is not permanent and wears off after some time. There are some injectables that can last for up to two years; however, when it comes to lip fillers, they typically stay effective for up to a year;
  • Adverse reactions in the treatment area are rare. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance, so dermal tissues accept and absorb it quickly. Moreover, irritations almost never occur, and a patient can go back to everyday life right after the injection session;
  • The recovery process can be much faster if you use a proper aftercare routine. Typically, it is planned together with a medical professional according to the individual body and skin peculiarities. However, in general, recommendations are pretty similar – don’t take blood-thinning medications and alcoholic beverages to avoid prolonged bleeding and bruising, don’t visit overheated places, and stop strenuous exercise for some time to prevent filler migration, etc. It’s not too hard to follow, isn’t it?

How Long Does Juvederm Last in Lips?

How Long Does Juvederm Last in Lips?

Different Juvederm injectables last for various amount of time based on their density, HA concentration, and other factors. Just like that, Juvederm Ultra Plus may last for more than a year, while other fillers keep their effectiveness for not more than just six months. However, the effect can be easily and effectively renewed with the help of additional treatments in the clinic. Moreover, the durability of the filler also depends on certain individual factors of a person, such as body and skin peculiarities, age, health conditions, skincare routine, environmental issues, and so on.

Be Aware of Lip Augmentation Adverse Reactions

Even though Juvederm dermal fillers are considered safe and non-problematic, they are still able to cause certain side effects after the lip enhancement procedure. That’s only logical because the product of foreign nature is administered under the skin, and the body needs some time to get used to that.

Typically, people experience minimal adverse reactions which cause no threat to their well-being, not to mention that they only need a few days to disappear entirely. So, we are talking about these unfortunate symptoms:

  • Temporary redness and swelling of the lips;
  • Slight bruising in the area of the needle insertion;
  • Increased sensitivity of the lips;
  • Irritation in the treatment zone;
  • And so on.

But, once again, those are only minimal inconveniences that are fleeting and not worth worrying about. And after waiting for a little bit, a person may enjoy a smoother appearance for a long time, with fuller lips, fewer wrinkles, and youthful, glowing skin.

Note: It is important to make sure a doctor is an experienced professional with a valid medical license before undergoing lip enhancement treatment. In this way, it is possible to avoid various post-treatment complications and reach the desired, full lips of your dreams.

Why Is Juvederm Not Right for Me?

Even though the components of Juvederm injections for lips are completely safe and don’t cause serious adverse reactions, some patients still cannot use them to enhance their lips. All because of individual factors we have already mentioned before in this article. Now, it’s time to discuss those in more detail.

Contraindications to Juvederm treatment include the following issues:

  • Current or the history of multiple severe allergies (especially to the gel’s components);
  • Skin damage, inflammation, or irritation in the target zone;
  • Current acute stage of any chronic disease (such as diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, HIV, and so on);
  • Blood clotting disorders;
  • Pregnancy or lactating period in women;
  • Age less than 18.

A medical professional should be informed about all medications that a patient currently takes, too (just in case they are incompatible with the product’s components). It includes such medicines as sleeping pills, various vitamins, herbal supplements, antidepressants, etc.

Don’t get upset if Juvederm lip fillers are not suitable for you; there are plenty of alternatives on the market which can be chosen instead of it. All options can be discussed with a doctor during a consultation, so make sure not to avoid this essential step in the treatment.

Final Word About Juvederm for Lip Enhancement

Juvederm for lips is an incredible option to make one’s lip’s fuller, more seductive, and desirable. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about its remarkable ability to reduce wrinkles and perioral lines, rejuvenate skin, and provide patients with a more youthful appearance.

Due to the beneficial components of the injectable gel, it can be safely used for people with different skin types and issues. So, that’s not a surprise that Juvederm is among the most popular dermal filler option in the cosmetic beauty sphere. Hopefully, you’ve learned everything you wanted to know about Juvederm gel for lips. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned to learn more about the aesthetic medicine sphere together with our team of professionals!

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