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Efficacy of Mesotherapy in Facial Rejuvenation

26 Jan 2022
Mesotherapy Efficacy in Facial Rejuvenation

The practice of mesotherapy is being used in cosmetology for more than half of a century. During this type, the procedure has been greatly improved both in terms of administration techniques and remedies for mesotherapy.

In this article, we will discuss the efficiency of mesotherapy injections for facial rejuvenation, the benefits of the procedure, contraindications, and the process of meso treatment. It will be interesting! Stay with us.

Mesotherapy for Facial Skin Rejuvenation: What Is It?

Mesotherapy for Facial Skin Rejuvenation? What Is It?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical technique of administering active preparations directly into deep skin tissues. The procedure is carried out using special solutions with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, natural plant extracts, ascorbic acid, mineral salts, calcium chloride, amino acids, and other active ingredients to stimulate internal collagen and elastin production and slow down premature skin aging.

After the procedure, there is almost no swelling or inflammation, and it is characterized by an extremely short recovery period that distinguishes mesotherapy from many other rejuvenation procedures.

Many cosmetologists and dermatologists recommend mesotherapy worldwide to rejuvenate aging skin and fight many other dermal imperfections like hyperpigmentation and acne.

In simple words, mesotherapy is a process of injecting active ingredients into the problematic areas of the skin of the face, head, or body with an aim to solve the problem. Buy Mesotherapy Products only on Dkderma.

Types of Mesotherapy for Skin Rejuvenation

It is important to mention that facial mesotherapy is a general term that incorporates very different techniques of administration the injectable cocktail into the deep dermal layers. There exist the following mesotherapy types:

  • Injectable. This is the most popular type of mesotherapy when cosmetic medicine is injected into the skin with the help of syringes and the finest needles.
  • Hardware. The preparation penetrates into the cell membrane during skin treatment with a special apparatus pre-applied with a meso-cocktail.
  • Mesoroller. With this type of mesotherapy, chosen meso cocktail is firstly applied to the treated area and then massaged with the help of a mesoroller with the tiniest and finest needles.
  • Oxygenous. Meso cocktail deeply penetrates into the skin pores under the pressure of jets of oxygen.
  • Laser. The infrared effect of the laser beam helps to replenish the skin with active substances.
  • Fractional microinjection mesotherapy. The remedy is injected using silver-coated microneedles.

Consult with your dermatologist to help you choose the most appropriate mesotherapy type for your skin.

What Effect Can You Reach with the Help of Mesotherapy?

In most cases, the specialists recommend mesotherapy treatment to fight skin aging changes: fine lines, loss of definition of the contour of the face, mimic wrinkles. However, the actual possibilities of this procedure are much broader.

With the help of the minimally invasive mesotherapy technique, you can get rid of excessive skin dryness, pigmentation, acne, or post-acne, eliminate skin dehydration and obtain statistically significant changes.

The newly synthesized collagen fibers help obtain enhanced skin texture, healthy complexion, and skin radiance. Even one treatment may be extremely beneficial for normal human skin. However, in many cases, a course of treatments is required with an interval in a few weeks for maximum efficacy of mesotherapy.

Benefits of the Procedure

Mesotherapy for facial rejuvenation has got lots of positive aspects that differentiate it from many other cosmetic procedures. These are a few to mention:

  • Versatility. Mesotherapy is suitable for both men and women. The procedure can be performed at any age.
  • In just one session, you get visible results.
  • Short recovery period.
  • Long-term result – up to one and a half years.
  • There are very few contraindications.
  • Outpatient. The procedure can be carried out in a salon or a beauty parlor. There is no need to go to the clinic.
  • Painlessness and absence of edema, redness.
  • A large selection of meso cocktails, which helps to find the right composition for any problem.

A correctly chosen cocktail for meso injection can greatly improve skin condition even after a single session – boost skin hydration, improve skin texture, get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate skin flabbiness, pigmentation, acne, post-acne, scars.

Mesotherapy for the Face – Contraindications

As for contraindications, their list is much narrower than that of other techniques aimed at rejuvenating the face. These include:

  • the incomplete course of anticoagulants;
  • oncology;
  • acute infection in the body;
  • the presence of inflammation on the face;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • blood clotting disorder;
  • hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid injection or any other components of the solution.

In addition, women should postpone the procedure during their period.

How Does the Procedure Look Like?

It is interesting that mesotherapy does not require special training: it is enough not to take blood-thinning drugs for several days before mesotherapy and give up alcohol for at least three days. The procedure itself is as follows:

  • Disinfection of the treated area;
  • Application of local anesthesia;
  • Performing intradermal injections into the deep layers of the dermis or into the subcutaneous tissue;
  • Re-treatment with an antiseptic;
  • Applying a soothing cream.

Within a couple of hours, minimal swelling and redness will disappear if the procedure was carried out correctly.

The Bottom Line

The effectiveness of mesotherapy has been convincingly proven by world practice. The microinjection mechanism has its own characteristics. During the procedure, which can be carried out by both hardware and manual methods, the skin is not only saturated with rejuvenating cocktails and mono-drugs but also has a complex therapeutic effect on it.

Under the influence of micro-punctures, the body starts the biological mechanism of tissue regeneration. In the course of the repair, which lasts on average up to 7 days, the skin undergoes natural renewal.

During mesotherapy of the face, the needle makes shallow micro-punctures, irritating the nerve fibers that transmit excitation from the tissues to the central nervous system. Thanks to such a reflexogenic reaction, the body begins to actively produce endorphins, vasodilation occurs, various biochemical processes in the body are stimulated, which in combination has a positive effect on the health of the skin.

The result of visiting a mesotherapy room is a complex moisturizing of the skin, improving its color, neutralizing hyperpigmentation and age-related wrinkles. Modern cosmetology has also successfully mastered the use of lipolytic cocktails, which effectively reduce the percentage of body fat.


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