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Dermal Fillers

24 Sep 2021
If you decide on anti-aging or “beauty injections”, it does not matter, bio revitalization, mesotherapy, dermal fillers, or botulinum therapy, then you need to know some tricks that will help you quickly cope with post-treatment side effects. The thing is that many patients think that the success of the procedure and beautiful outcome after ...
9 Jul 2021
Dermal filler injections are such a common and wildly used procedure in the twenty-first century, almost everyone is aware of how do they work, what skin imperfections can be eliminated with its help, and where to go to receive the first-class treatment. The only nuance is that most clients know everything that happens in the […]
1 Apr 2021
Age-related changes of the skin are normal for every person. With time, everyone starts noticing wrinkles and folds appear on the face and neck, lost volume, and flabby face contour. But thankfully, aesthetic medicine made it possible to improve all those flaws with the help of fillers for the skin. And if using hyaluronic acid […]
13 Jan 2021
Beauty requires sacrifice! We totally disagree with this statement and claim that beauty demands times, efforts, and devotion. It needs comprehensive daily routine care and attention to the main problems. And she wants high-quality and reliable means, especially this is topical, when we talk about the beauty of the skin. To keep it fresh, smooth, […]

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