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Cosmetic Surgery

6 Sep 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted for three years now, and nobody knows whether it will end soon; however, people are adaptable creatures, which means we have already learned to live in this new reality. And, thanks to modern medicine, we can be protected and follow our daily routines with just slight changes; of course, we […]
23 Mar 2022
Guess what? Aging is not the only and not the main cause of fine lines and wrinkles!!! Especially in the delicate and tender area under the eyes. Environment, skincare, stress, sleep, nutrition, daily routine are the factors that can either postpone or accelerate the appearance of lines and creases on the skin. So, let’s figure […]
1 Apr 2021
Age-related changes of the skin are normal for every person. With time, everyone starts noticing wrinkles and folds appear on the face and neck, lost volume, and flabby face contour. But thankfully, aesthetic medicine made it possible to improve all those flaws with the help of fillers for the skin. Buy Dermal Fillers at Dkderma […]

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