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10 Dec 2021
As we age, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain smooth and attractive skin, mainly because of the reduced amount of collagen and elastin within the human body. Moreover, such factors as sun damage, air pollution, or excessive smoking only accelerate the situation and make your skin look older. However, the contemporary state of […]
18 Oct 2021
Every person comes to a certain moment in his/her life when the question of aging arises. First visible fine lines, pigmentation, loss of volume hint at the approaching aging and are not the best things to see. What to do? While some patiently accept the fact of passing youth, others are not determined to give […]
23 Jul 2021
Botox cosmetic treatment – so many of us have heard about it, but are there a lot of people out there who actually know its working principle? If you are among those curious personalities, we are happy to tell you that all basic info is gathered here. Easy, quick, and understandable. Everything you need to […]

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