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26 Jan 2022
The practice of mesotherapy is being used in cosmetology for more than half of a century. During this type, the procedure has been greatly improved both in terms of administration techniques and remedies for mesotherapy. In this article, we will discuss the efficiency of mesotherapy injections for facial rejuvenation, the benefits of the procedure, ...
12 Jan 2022
In the 21st century, a dermal filler injection has transformed from a luxurious procedure for celebrities into an affordable cosmetic treatment for average people. For instance, about 3 million dermal filler injections were performed in the U.S. last year. Moreover, there exists a wide range of dermal filler brands these days, such as Juvederm, ...
28 Dec 2021
Among all available options of birth control, IUDs are known as one of the most effective and popular products in the medical field. They last for a long time, there are two options available for different women (hormonal and copper), and the procedure overall is not too complicated. Many professionals recommend learning more about the […]
10 Dec 2021
As we age, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain smooth and attractive skin, mainly because of the reduced amount of collagen and elastin within the human body. Moreover, such factors as sun damage, air pollution, or excessive smoking only accelerate the situation and make your skin look older. However, the contemporary state of […]
26 Nov 2021
While being one of the most beloved procedures in the contemporary world of aesthetic medicine, dermal filler injections might still carry a number of possible health impacts. How exactly do they influence human health? And are is it safe to undergo dermal filler injections? Let’s figure it out together by going through this article. Nota […]
12 Nov 2021
Minimally invasive aesthetic treatments have gained extreme popularity among patients in different corners of the world. Beauty injections with botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid fillers, lifting with cosmetic threads made it possible to look younger and more beautiful at any age. Add here a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, regular sports, and exercise, ...
29 Oct 2021
Among a great variety of birth control methods such as condoms, pills, injections, or implants, IUDs (or, as they are also called, intrauterine devices) are among the most effective ones. In this article, we are going to take a closer at IUDs by means of defining what they are and how they work. As well, […]
18 Oct 2021
Every person comes to a certain moment in his/her life when the question of aging arises. First visible fine lines, pigmentation, loss of volume hint at the approaching aging and are not the best things to see. What to do? While some patiently accept the fact of passing youth, others are not determined to give […]
7 Oct 2021
A lift based on thread lifting is one of the most effective and efficient methods of cosmetology that allows you to preserve and prolong skin youthfulness for a long time. There are three main types of cosmetic threads available: polydioxanone (PDO), polylactic acid (PLA), and polycaprolactone (PCA). PDO threads are made from a synthetic biodegradable ...
24 Sep 2021
If you decide on anti-aging or “beauty injections”, it does not matter, bio revitalization, mesotherapy, dermal fillers, or botulinum therapy, then you need to know some tricks that will help you quickly cope with post-treatment side effects. The thing is that many patients think that the success of the procedure and beautiful outcome after ...
17 Sep 2021
Mesotherapy treatment is an incredibly popular cosmetic procedure. The cosmetologists recommend it to patients of various ages and with different problems, but is it really that universal and suitable for everybody. What is mesotherapy? This kind of bio revitalization, better known as mesotherapy, is a procedure for injecting pharmaceutical and ...
10 Sep 2021
What are PDO Threads: Rejuvenation Instead of Masking Polydioxanone threads, commonly referred to as PDO threads, have been known in medicine since the 1980s as absorbable surgical sutures. Recently, however, they have been actively used in aesthetic medicine and occupy one of the first places in a number of modern technologies to fight the signs of ...

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